Magic Cinema is the new Marco Lys' EP on Great Stuff Rec.

monday 9th December 2013  - News

Marco Lys continues his hugely popular run on Great Stuff with a tasty new 2-tracker. Magic Cinema picks out a deft, plucked synth melody that's graced by tense pads and unrelenting bass tones, creating an infectious slice of tech-funk that's nimble on its feet.
Clever FX and effects trickery create an array of textural subtleties, while powerful synth work that ups the ante in the breaks and at key moments.
A big track that never goes OTT, it's a perfectly balanced slice of dancefloor erm... magic.
Fans of piano rompers will dig The Run, a whirling beast of a track laden with dissonant horn samples, bubbling bass and an array of rugged, unidentifiable sounds (is that someone slamming a door we can hear?). The warped vocals and eerie feel of the breakdown build to a frenzied level of crashing cymbals and horn intensity, and the track captivates until the end with all manner of quirky little touches and plenty of attention to detail. It's like he's seen how many ideas he can get into one track without overcooking it.

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